iPhone Navibar / Toolbar / ButtonBar Examples using Pure Css3


Buttons would appear to be a small task, but they aren't. To get a user interface right, a wide variety of options are needed:

  1. Color
  2. Text-shadow
  3. Border-shadow
  4. Active, checked, and disabled states
  5. Placement options
  6. Spanning and padding options
  7. Grouping
  8. Landscape/portrait mode
  9. Radio button behavior
  10. Mask image icon

The permutation gets pretty big pretty quickly. It is all available to BeeDesk's jQTouch fork.

Here are some (hopefully) helpful examples for these options.

Screenshot for Buttons Example

Click the screen shot to view the demo (requires an iPhone/iPad and Safari or Chrome)  http://bit.ly/ecpzJx

Screenshot for Buttons Example (Landscape)